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Jun. 9th, 2015 02:02 pm
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Wendy Corduroy
CONTACT INFORMATION [plurk.com profile] lightdrizzel
CHARACTER NAME Wendy Corduroy ([personal profile] kindaruledatit, Gravity Falls)
Age 15
Gem Green Aventurine
Permissions Right here!
NOTES Extra stuff goes here
☆ Super Strength
☆ Weapons materialization: a Battle Axe

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Jun. 9th, 2015 01:53 pm
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Yes! By all means! I'll admit I can be a slow tagger so I'll backtag into infinity.

Sure, though if it's a particular thread, maybe bring it up with me first?


Sure, as long as you're someone she's friends with, she's fine with it.

...Mmmmaybe. If our CR has reached a point that she's fine with that.

Go ahead! Serious injuries should be approved first though.
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Name: Wendy Blerble Corduroy
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Home: Gravity Falls, Oregon
Height: estimated at 5'7"

- Athletic, and kind of buff as a result
- Tall because of freak lumberjack genes
- Formerly a freshwoman at Gravity Falls High
- Left handed
- Has long red hair that never gets knots somehow
- Manages to wear her uniform correctly and look good in it

Tattoo location: Her left shoulder
Homeroom: 2-A
Locker: 036

School Things 
Black blouse (x2)White ribbon (x2)
Black skirt (x2)Grey sweater vest (x1)
Long black socks (x7 pair)Underwear (x7)
White gym T-shirt (x1)Black gym shorts (x1)
Sports Bra (x1)Standard Bra (x1)
 Small Pillow (x1) Mud (a lot)

In backpack
Flip phone (x1)Pencils (x4)
Notebook (x1) Scribble paper (lots)

R E G A I N S.

RegainDescriptionDate returned
Trapper hatA worn, comfy looking trapper hat, one that Wendy has owned for most of her life now. It was a gift from her dad.June 17th 2015
Her jeansJust normal, everyday jeans. A bit worn though. And there's some grass stains.Sometime in July
A green flannel shirtJust a normal shirt. perfect if you like plaid.Sometime in August

Her boots | Just a normal pair of rubber boots, caked lightly in mud. | September 24th
Dream dress | A green dress that Wendy's... never seen before. Huh. | Sometime in October
Axe | Her trusty hand axe! | Late November
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"Heyo! You've reached Wendy Corduroy! You know what to do..... beep!"
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Got any crit? Put it here, dude! Constructive crits welcome!

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Player Info:
Name: Drizz
Timezone: PST
Contact: Plurk [plurk.com profile] lightdrizzel

Character Info:
Name: Wendy Blerble Corduroy
Age: 15
CANON: Gravity Falls

- Wendy breaks into a supposedly haunted convenience store with her friends. It's really haunted.
- There's a party at the mystery shack, and Wendy hangs out with Robbie and Dipper.
- At the carnival, Wendy gets hit in the eye with a baseball. Repeatedly.
- After almost breaking up, Wendy is hypnotized and breaks up with Robbie when she's free.
- She fights a shapeshifter after investigating a bunker with Dipper and the others. And helps Dipper settle his crush.
- Discovers a mindwiping cult operating out of Gravity Falls, and helps to reclaim Mcgucket's lost memories.


Growing up in Gravity Falls, Wendy experienced a relatively ho-hum life, at least until she took up work at the local tourist trap, The Mystery Shack, and the nephews of her boss came to town for the summer. Ever since they first showed up, weird things seemed to spring up. Wendy didn't notice it, not at first, but after a particular problem involving a convenience store haunted by a teen-hating old couple, Wendy's eyes were opened pretty widely.

She handled it well.

The adventures didn't stop there, though Wendy was often left out or oblivious due to circumstances. Early on, she helps to set up a party at the Mystery Shack, where Dipper Pines, whom pined for her, planned to ask her to dance. Despite his complex planning, she just gets him to talk like normal, and they have a good time... until she meets a guitarist named Robbie. This doesn't stop Dipper from trying, though. Soon after, a carnival is set up in town by Stan Pines, and Dipper and Wendy go there to hang out, and play some games. It steadily goes downhill as Wendy receives a swollen eye from Dipper's thrown baseball and Robbie steps in to help her, and ask her out in the meanwhile.

She accepts, but the two face relationship problems later on, which leads to Robbie trying to fix their relationship by mind controlling her. Luckily, Dipper saves her, but he fails to understand her problem with everything so she snaps at him too and leaves.

The two are still friends though, and hang out at times. Wendy very excitedly joins the others when they investigate a mysterious bunker owned by the Author of the journals. In there, they fight a shapeshifter, while Dipper struggles to tell her his real feeling until he thinks she's dead. She already knew, of course, and lets him down lightly. The adventures continue when she is pulled into confronting Old man Mcgucket who may have wrote the journals and then infiltrating The Blind Eye society, who secretly brainwashes the people of Gravity falls so they don't remember the monsters living around them. Wendy helps Mabel with her love problems in the meantime, though she goes against Mabel wiping her memory of her past regrets. Eventually they're captured, and in a moment of despair as they're almost mindwiped, Wendy reveals that she's been stressed almost constantly but hides it. With the help of Mcgucket, they break free, and Wendy helps them fight off the cultists and save Mcgucket's memories. Wendy even remarks that the terrible song she heard earlier wasn't stuck in her head... until she hears it again on the radio.


The first thing people might see in Wendy is that she's a delinquent. A wild, partying girl that likes to play around, and enjoys having fun more then anything. Honestly, that's not exactly an incorrect assumption to make. Preferring to live life to its fullest. She's the kind of person that will make her own fun. Even if it means she might get hurt, or something gets broken, it'll be something she can laugh about with her friends in the end.

Being the eldest child in the Corduroy family, as well as the only girl, there was a requirement for Wendy to grow up to deal with her lumberjack family. And despite the inherent trouble, she does enjoy spending time with her family, having breakfast with her dad, and going on camping trips with them. The whereabouts of Wendy's mother are unknown. Wendy doesn't speak on the issue, but she's used to it. Her family's rowdy nature has worn off on her, leading to lighthearted acts of violence as a form of affection, like punching Dipper in the arm as a sign of respect.

Popular around the Mystery Shack, Wendy is also quite the popular figure in Gravity Falls' local group of teenagers. Often, she even acts as an unofficial leader of her group whenever they hang out. Together, they mainly do rebellious acts, simply for the fun of it; stealing a cop car at least once, and breaking into a supposedly haunted convenience store. They're all close, though at the same time they can bring the worst out in each other, arguing and even splitting up for a short while.

Underneath the tomboy tendencies, Wendy is an amiable, generally down-to-earth kind of person. She likes to take a positive outlook on life, while still retaining her prankster nature. If she can get a job as the lifeguard at the local swimming pool, then that's awesome! Means free snacks and the best seat in the house. If she gets fired, she can just loot the snack machine and share it with her friends!

She's more then a little modest, despite her looks. It owes to the fact that, formerly, she was a gangling preteen with braces, recently grown out of that. She knows what it's like to be the center of ridicule, especially as she reveals a softer side of herself. But now she'll poke fun at herself and others. This is why she is so accepting of Mabel and Dipper. She treats them the most fairly out of her group of friends, and even lies to protect Dipper's secret.

Leading a generally lax lifestyle, there is little that Wendy actually does whenever she's working, especially at her part-time cashier job at the Mystery Shack. Make no mistake, Wendy is quite intelligent, she'll simply put her mind to finding ways to shirk her responsibilities. She's made a small break spot on the roof of the shack where she goes every so often when her boss doesn't notice. And even so, she honestly does enjoy working there. And it keeps her from having to work at her father's logging camp. She takes part in events at the shack, and even helps repair and reopen it when it was destroyed.

Even at her current age, Wendy amassed an impressive collection of ex-boyfriends in Gravity Falls. While she's not particularly bothered by the breakups, there's no ill will directed at them in the long run. Though, after a nasty bout with her current boyfriend, involving mind control, Wendy chose to be single for the foreseeable future.

Still, Wendy can be surprisingly mature. She acts as a usually helpful and encouraging figure, offering advice to all of her friends, including Mabel and Dipper Pines. To Mabel, Wendy takes the position of a sort of big sister figure in their relationship, talking her through relationship problems. She'll mess around with her while on the job, taking part in her impromptu dance parties. Dipper gets some good advice too, especially for his crush on her, which she always knew about anyways. Although, rather then simply shut him down, Wendy talks it out with him. She's flattered but it could never work out. The two agree to stay friends, which makes Wendy more then happy. Owing to her nature, she even forgives Robbie after he finds love in one of her other friends, Tambry.

As mellow as she can be, the calm and cool exterior Wendy exudes bellies a nervous breakdown possibly waiting to happen. Wendy is rarely seen in a cranky, or upset mood, but that's simply because she usually keeps those feelings hidden from others. Truthfully, Wendy is stressed "twenty four-seven." It's a secret that she only despairingly reveals when she thinks she's about to get her memory erased forever.

She possesses a fierce loyalty to her friends, as well as a sense of adventure. Wendy jumps at the chance to join her friends as they continue their investigations. She has proved that she can take care of herself, and will defend her friends if there's danger around. Although she'll follow the plans of others, she's quick to react of her own accord in case things go wrong.

Wendy lives up to her family name, overall. Rough and durable, but still with a soft side.

Gem Considerations: Aventurine placed in the palm of her left hand! Adventurine is a gem very connected to the earth and for calming and soothing the self. Wendy is generally a cool and collected person, so this fits her well. Green Adventurine also stimulates growth in kids and teenagers, and Wendy is pretty freaking tall. Besides that, it promotes intellectual development, and hyperactivity. And Wendy is pretty darn smart and active to the point of potential destructiveness :D

Power considerations:
Weapon materialization: a battle axe
Healing abilities
Heightened strength

Wendy had no powers before she showed up in Cosmographia, besides natural human abilities. So... she'll be pretty psyched up for having powers at all!

Sample: this??.


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